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Need confined space training?

admintara / Posted April 14, 2020 / 0 comments

The Technical Access & Rescue Academy is excited to now offer customised confined space training, from awareness (non-entry) through to advanced rescue training in conjunction with the International Technical Rescue Association (ITRA).

The ITRA training system allows for us to create a course with a global transcript of learning objectives taught based on your actual needs. If you need just a few hours to refresh on gas detection, or you want put your crew through some challenging scenarios we can offer this and students get an attendance certificate that has a QR code which can be validated in real-time. This system is used around the world, so you if you or your crew need to have a “ticket” without the fuss of keeping a pile of seldom used cards (which can be easily forged), the ITRA QR system is the way of the future.

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