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IRATA’s New Theory Assessment

admintara / Posted November 16, 2023 / 0 comments

IRATA’s new theory assessment requirements are now in force, so what does that mean for technicians?

Firstly the good news, Level 1’s and Level 2’s will no longer have to complete a written theory assessment…… but you’re not completely off the hook! Instead of a written assessment, your assessor will explore your knowledge base with verbal questions during your assessment scenarios.

Now Level 3’s…… again there is some good news. Your theory assessment is much shorter with the removal of the equipment inspection and job planing requirements. Instead there will be a 30 minute, online assessment consisting of 10 questions of either the multi choice, true or false or drag and drop variety.

Level 3’s may achieve the following results –

  • Pass = Greater than or equal to 70%
  • Minor Discrepancy = Greater than or equal to 50% but less than 70%
  • Major Discrepancy = Less than 50%

English not your 1st language or you have a learning difference? Contact us prior to booking your assessment and we’ll arrange an “accomodation”  which will grant you an additional 15 minutes to complete the assessment.

For further information on please check out the link below to IRATA’s candidate assessment guide.

GU-381ENG Candidates Guide to IRATA Assessments

If you’d like to try out a demo of the Level 3 online assessment please click on the link below.


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