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Apr 9th - 13th

IRATA Training 9th April 2024


Open to all Levels of the IRATA Training, Assessment and Certifications schemes.

The course comprises 4 days of training and a 1 day independent assessment by an IRATA certified assessor.

All rope access equipment is supplied and training candidates shall receive a comprehensive training manual and reference material to assist in their theory assessment and to keep as a valuable, worksite reference aid.

Candidates should have a reasonable standard of fitness and should be comfortable working at height.

All candidates are required to sign a medical declaration, confirming they are physically and mentally fit to undertake IRATA rope access training prior to commencing the course.

All candidates must be 18 years of age to undertake the training course.

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IRATA Rope Access Training

Our standard rope access training courses run for 5 days including a 1 day independent assessment. In certain circumstances such as direct entry or recertification of technicians with expired certifications, additional training days maybe required. If these circumstances apply to you, please contact us prior to booking your course to discuss dates and costs.

All rope access equipment and PPE is supplied by us. You will however need to wear suitable clothing and footwear (no open toe footwear i.e. jandals, sandals, crocs etc). If in doubt give us a call but you can safely assume that the type of clothing you wear for a gym work out will be sufficient.


No previous experience required and open to anyone 18 years or older who has a reasonable level of fitness, our IRATA Level 1 training courses will provide the knowledge and skills for you to successfully complete the practical and theoretical assessment required to attain IRATA level 1 certification.

Candidates will learn basic equipment handling and knots, the core manoeuvres required to access a 3 dimensional work space under supervision, basic decent rescue, hazard avoidance and introductory rigging for rope access systems and rigging for rescue.

Candidates will also receive an introduction to the intricacies of IRATA’s industry leading training, assessment and certification scheme.


Open to rope access technicians who have held an IRATA level 1 for a minimum of 12 months and have logged 1000 hours covering a variety of work tasks since gaining their Level 1 certification.

The IRATA Level 2 training includes an introduction to mechanical advantage and pulley systems, use of hauling systems and there use in rescue manoeuvres, rescue from ascent and aid climb, rope access manoeuvres with a casualty, rigging complex rope access systems.

IRATA Level 3

Open to rope access technicians who have held an IRATA level 2 for a minimum of 12 months and have logged 1000 hours covering a variety of work tasks since gaining their Level 2 certification.

The IRATA Level 3 training expand on the skills, knowledge and experienced gained as a Level 1 and 2 and includes planning and management of rope access operations, the selection, care and maintenance and inspection of rope access equipment, advanced rescue techniques and complex team rescue.

IRATA Recertification

Our 5 days recertification courses refresh the skills and knowledge required to successfully complete your 3 yearly recertification assessment.

In addition to updating IRATA rope access technician in the use of new equipment, techniques and compliance with changes to legislation and guidelines, the course also provides an opportunity to learn and practice skills over and above the minimum requirements of the IRATA curriculum, allowing candidates to work safer and more efficiently in the field.

N.B. Technicians with expired IRATA certifications should contact us prior to booking a recertification course to ensure they meet minimum IRATA requirements for recertification.

You MUST bring your up-to-date IRATA logbook with you on the first day of training (New Level 1’s exempt). Failure to present a correctly filled-out IRATA Logbook for upgrades and re-validations will result in the inability to sit the Assessment and a re-assessment fee will apply. 

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